Official Final Fantasy XIV Beta Character Creation Trailer

Official Final Fantasy XIV Beta Character Creation Trailer


Square-Enix is being very forthcoming this week. Unusually so, as a matter of fact. Another video trailer that they’ve put together – titled “Mission Impossible” – showcases the character creation aspects of Final Fantasy XIV that you will go through if you’re fortunate enough to make it into the game’s beta testing phases.

It shows off the many choices you have when creating a new character, such as choosing their background, as well as your typical options like size, voice, skin tone, hair and facial features. For hair and the various facial features and characteristics, there are sub-menus that let you alter your character quite a lot more and in Square’s previous MMO offering. After the actual character customization, the trailer shows how you can pick which class they are a disciple of, which represents how they will start off in the world of Eorzea.

Of special note is the option to enter both a first name and a surname, which is something that is sadly missing from many popular MMOs, including the king of the hill, World of Warcraft.

So, check out the trailer below and see all these options in action as the two people in the video try to make their way undetected through the customization of a character.