Official Nintendo Magazine UK Calls Senran Kagura 2 “Filth;” XSeed Production Coordinator Responds in Kind

Official Nintendo Magazine UK Calls Senran Kagura 2 “Filth;” XSeed Production Coordinator Responds in Kind

There are times in which you have to write about a game you don’t like, and apparently someone at Official Nintendo Magazine really doesn’t like the upcoming Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson. The magazine published a brief “preview,” a picture of which you can see at the bottom of the post, that had extremely uncharitable words to say about the game, and I’m using a rather strong euphemism here.

Oh, no. is this happening again? A sequel to the T-shirt-straining antics of Senran Kagura Burst? Must we dignify this filth with a preview?

Really? Gah, fine then – Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson (ugh) is in development. For some reason. It’s a “game” about smuggling fleshy watermelons in your top and the only way to win the “game” is by making sure everyone’s seen your bum. That’s right. It’s that deep. There’s also some fighting, and we guess we should mention that, but really it all comes second to the massive amount of love and care the developers put into ensuring their jiggle physics were as ludicrous as possible. ‘Scuse us while we gouge our eyes out with rusty spoons.

This isn’t the first time that Official Nintendo Magazine UK blasts the Senran Kagura series, and reminds me of the hoopla with Dragon’s Crown, with certain journalists stooping to the level of using pretty insulting terms towards the game and its creators.

While game journalists are entitled to their opinions, maybe some should remember that it’s a good rule to treat the work of developers at the very least with a degree of rational respect. Calling a game “filth,” may get the (debatable) point across, but it’s not something I’d call professional, it sounds irrational, and it’s quite disrespectful not only to the developer, but also to the gamers that happen to enjoy that kind of game.

The funny part is that, probably blinded by all the spite and hatred, the writer didn’t even notice that he got the title of the game wrong.

As an additional note, the box about Marvelous’ Forbiden Magna, which you can see below as well (courtesy of Twitter user David Fernandes) is less insulting, but the extremely dismissive tone isn’t exactly what I’d consider the best option as well.

Most of the times developers and industry professionals take this kind of exaggerated criticism in stride, but there are times in which they decide to respond in kind. Hatsuu, Production Coordinator at Xseed Games, opted to fire back on Twitter.

Really glad it’s always the ones who are against fanservice that notice and research as far as JUST the fanservice in SENRAN KAGURA.

I think it was Nintendo Magazine UK that had the idiot trying to boycott SK w/o doing research last year, right? Maybe it’s the same guy.

Let’s ignore the combat, the story, the new playable male character, the badass tag-team & equip system, improved/added bestiary, etc.

Game journalists don’t have to like SK, but they could take a few min to write a reputable report that DOESN’T make them look like a twat.

I have always expressed that it’s completely okay to be uncomfortable with SK or to say, “Hey, I don’t think that’s for me.” I just like when research is done before making that decision.

The comments continued this morning:

Got a full night’s rest & I still can’t cool down over a dude calling an entire female cast, “a bunch of simpering, jiggly-boobed cretins.”

And that apparently large breasts is just smuggling fleshy watermelons, lol not like women with large breasts actually exist or anything.

Wow… I can’t believe there’s more than one person for Nintendo UK who would write such awful things.

Can’t believe that Forbidden Magna preview is just as bad as the SK one. People were telling me that was the case, but wow. Wow.

Remember this, ladies: If you’re not fully clothed, you don’t have any character development. None! Don’t even bother trying to be a person.

You’re just fodder for a few poorly written jokes. That’s the progressive way! Goooooo, women!

As long as you do your research & write facts for your readers, I think any personal opinion is fine. Not just opinions alone.

Again, while I can agree with some of the arguments made by Hatsuu (who clearly specified that those are personal views, and not an official response from XSeed), I can’t stand behind the insults. If  said arguments were brought in a more respectful way, they would have sounded much more rational and solid.

That said, this surely wasn’t started by Hatsuu, but I’m quite sure there are ways to approach this kind of discourse in a much more constructive way, from both sides.

Of course it’s difficult to create a constructive and reasonable dialogue when one of the parties involved strongly implies that a kind of game should not even exist.