Official Player-Driven Website Coming to EVE Online

Official Player-Driven Website Coming to EVE Online

After the preliminary release of Incarna CCP is working twice as hard to promote EVE Online to the ones that still don’t know about it.

Early next week, as announced in the devblog, the Icelandic developer will open a new website that will include player-created media (videos, screenshots, corporate recruiting posters, stories, etc.) in order to form a virtual museum of the history of EVE Online.

Players will be encouraged to post their media as part of five main categories of content (War, Exploration, Corporate Recruiting, EVE is Real and Freestyle) and to spread the word through their favorite social networks.

One of the most interesting tidbits is that they won’t do that for free (after all EVE Online isn’t exactly a cradle for good samaritans), as CCP will establish community sharing goals in the new website, and once those goals will be met, an undisclosed amount of Aurum (the new currency for the cash shop) will be distributed to all active accounts. The more EVE players will share, the more money everyone will get.

There will also be contests for the best picture and the best video, that will allow players to win some high end graphic cards and PCs.

While this is quite obviously a clever marketing initiative, I have to say it’s a very cool one. CCP gets some more visibility, players get visibility as well and free stuff, visitors of the site get to experience the rich and interesting history of EVE Online‘s virtual galaxy. Everyone wins.