Official Site Opens for New Final Fantasy Piano Arrangement Album

on December 26, 2011 9:45 AM

This morning, Square Enix and Dog Ear Records announced a new Final Fantasy piano album is on the way. Piano Opera Final Fantasy I/II/III, set to release on February 29, will feature piano arrangements from the first three games in the series.

These new arrangements are the work of Hiroyuki Nakayama with supervision from original composer Nobuo Uematsu. The official website displays the album’s tracklist as well as a special, personal message from Uematsu.

The track list is as follows:

1. Prelude ~ Opening [FINAL FANTASY]
2. Main Theme [FINAL FANTASY]
3. Medley – FINAL FANTASY I / II / III – Town
4. [FINAL FANTASY] Gurugu Volcano
5. [FINAL FANTASY] Matoya’s Cave
6. [FINAL FANTASY II] – Main Theme
7. Theme [Rebel] FINAL FANTASY II
8. [FINAL FANTASY II] – Magician’s Tower
9. Battle Medley FINAL FANTASY I / II / III]
10. [FINAL FANTASY III] Endless Ocean
11. [FINAL FANTASY III] The Crystal Cave
12. [FINAL FANTASY III] Eternal Wind
13. [FINAL FANTASY III] Last Fight

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