Offworld Trading Company First Expansion Announced; New Planet Coming

Offworld Trading Company's first expansion titled Jupiter's Forge is releasing this Spring. Soren Johnson warns that it will bring an increased difficulty to the game.

By Jordan Loeffler

April 12, 2017

Offworld Trading Company was released for Mac and PC back in 2016. Since then, the real-time strategy game about dominating the corporate market in colonizing the solar system has had a couple of DLC launches. However, today Stardock and Mohawk Games announced that the game’s first full expansion is on its way.

Titled “Jupiter’s Forge,” the new update will provide players with a slew of content to that’s sure to keep the system’s free market just as cutthroat as ever. The following is a breakdown of what will be included in Jupiter’s Forge.

  • New planet: Io
  • New resource system
  • New factions: The Penrose Collective and The Diadem Trust
  • New Resource: Basalt
  • New buildings and structures
  • New patents and black market events
  • New map events: radiation storms, sulfur frosts, landslides, and tremors
  • 1000 Map Challenge

Of the new planet players will get to explore, the game’s lead designer Soren Johnson says that survival will become harder. Unlike Mars, Io’s resources are finite. Throw in the new map events, and it will be hard to distinguish the greater danger: natural disaster or corporate competition.

Johnson also elaborated on the 1000 Map Challenge, stating that it will give players who seek it a healthy dosage of humility by establishing a leaderboard system for each map.

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“With each map you beat, the next one gets harder. Each map has its own individual leaderboards. We also have overall scores – the idea is to get as far as you can while overcoming the increasing difficulty.”

Jupiter’s Forge will release on Steam sometime in Spring 2017. If you’re interested in more details about the expansion, check out the official forums.

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