OG and BMW Esports Collab - UnitedInRivalry, OG Manga, Release Date

Learn about the collaboration between OG and BMW Esports.

OG and BMW Esports have entered a partnership with the promise of a Manga series around the team! And did they just tease Ana’s return?

OG seems to be cooking up something with one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, BMW. BMW Esports is a division of the car manufacturer that made headlines in April 2020 by partnering with 5 global teams under the banner ‘United In Rivalry’.

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Read on to find out what we know about this collaboration, BMW Esports’ past, and a potential hint of Ana returning to OG’s squad!

OG And BMW Esports On Twitter

BMW Esports implied on their Twitter that OG is the newest member of BMW’s ‘United in Rivalry’. They have also mentioned the release of an upcoming Manga series that will talk about how the two-time TI winners are now a part of this global collaboration.

OG, in their classic Monkey Business style, tweeted the following about it:

They also tweeted about joining the BMW Esports fam:

So far, we don’t know whether this just involves OG’s Dota 2 roster or whether the collaboration shall cover their Counter-Strike roster as well.

About BMW Esports

On 16th April 2020, BMW announced its partnership with five of the world’s top Esports organisations, namely –

  1. Cloud 9 (US)
  2. Fnatic (UK)
  3. Funplus Phoenix (China)
  4. G2 Esports (Germany)
  5. T1 (South Korea)

Speaking about these collaborations, BMW’s Senior Vice President for Customer and Brand said that they intend to use their design and innovation skills to help shape the discipline (of Esports) in the long term. And now, it looks like OG Esports is set to be a part of this vision as well.

Manga Release Date

BMW Esports highlighted on their Twitter that the manga detailing how OG became a part of ‘United in Rivalry’ will release on April 14th. The manga is named ‘Heroes of Rivalry’ and will most likely feature the other five esport organisations that are a part of the collaboration as well.

In the meantime, we have a glimpse of the illustrations that one could expect from the manga in the tweet.

Potential Return of Ana Teased?

For a long time, OG Dota 2 fans have been speculating about the return of Ana. The youngster was an important part of their TI victories alongside other tournament runs. He’s currently a member of OG’s inactive roster.

In the tweet highlighting the announcement of OG and BMW Esports, N0tail is cryptically hiding a player behind his monkey puppet. Many fans believe this to be the prodigal son Ana himself. Only time can tell whether he is making a return to the active roster or not.

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