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This OG Xbox Skin Will Hit You With a Blast of Nostalgia

This OG Xbox skin for the Xbox One X will destroy you with a blast of nostalgia and remind you of much simpler and fun times.

By Grant Huff

January 5, 2019

The OG Xbox holds some of my fondest video game memories. I still remember opening it on Christmas morning with my brother and playing Halo 2 all through the day and night. After playing the first Halo at a friends house for what seemed like 100 times, I was absolutely thrilled to have our own console. It is safe to say that I can get pretty nostalgic about that chunky ole system.

So, when I saw this OG Xbox skin posted by the Reddit user “pixel156,” I got blasted with a plethora of memories. The skin can be viewed in the picture below.

OG Xbox skin on One X is filling my nerd heart with joy from r/xboxone

In the comments, the Reddit user also stated that the skin was incredibly easy to put on. Since I just bought a new 4K HDR capable TV, I am looking to upgrade to the Xbox One X, and this skin might be a must buy for me. I am normally not a fan of skins going on my consoles or controllers. However, this one just gives me that fuzzy feeling inside and reminds me of the simpler times when I was a kid playing games all summer and not worrying about any adult stuff like paying bills and calorie intake. Those were the days.

If you would like to upgrade like myself, you can order an Xbox One X through Amazon.

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