Ogle the Beautiful Final Fantasy XV Audi R8: a Peculiar Product Placement

Ogle the Beautiful Final Fantasy XV Audi R8: a Peculiar Product Placement

Among the gazillion of announcements and trailers in yesterday’s Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV show, you may have missed the presentation of the stunning Audi R8 that will appear in Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive.

You can ogle it all you want in the video at the bottom of the post. While the film will be produced in CGI, Square Enix and Audi are actually partnering to create one in real life, even if we don’t precisely know yet what it will be used for.

This is certainly a prettu peculiar product placement, especially considering that the team at Square Enix created a plethora of fictional car brands for the game.

That said, this isn’t even the only advertisement that appears in the trailer, as you can see below. Not only there are multiple Audi billboards in sight, but there’s also the peculiar crane of Japan Air Lines at the top of one of the buildings.


Considering that the film will be distributed for free, it’s not surprising that Square Enix sought partners to help funding its production.

This isn’t even the first time that we see product placement associated with Final Fantasy XV. Camping gear by Coleman appeared in Episode Duscae, and will probably appear in the final game as well.

It’ll be interesting to see how many of these partnerships Square Enix has in store. We might be in for a pretty peculiar mix of real world and fictional branding.