Oh, Hi PS3! Your Sales Increased 14,494% in Japan!

I’m no fanboy. I love each and every console as much as I love my mother… probably a bit more, only because they entertain me much more than she does and they don’t judge me. But, aside from all this mumbo-jumbo, I’ve come here with some great news for both Sony and Sony lovers. From August 31st to September 6th, Sony’s hardware sales have increased a whopping 14, 494 percent in Japan. That wasn’t a typo, you read that number correctly. Before you even ask how the fuck such a thing is possible, I’ll crawl into a corner and answer “I have no clue…”

Before you Xbox fanboys start talking smack and telling me that I’m a leftover sperm and my mother is all sorts of whores and hermaphrodites, just know that I didn’t make this up. These are the Japanese hardware sales from the dates mentioned above. Confusing? Yes. As the world starts to spin out of control in disbelief and you squander around your niche in utter denial of such numbers in such a short span, understand that… Hm. Never mind. Nothing I say can even counter such numbers. *sigh* I’ll put some Charlie Brown music onfor those of you who are sitting there bewildered by this so you can go kick rocks.

What’s crazy is how the PS3 sold more than both the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 combined with the remainder still being greater than both if combined again. I’m just curious to find out what happens during the holidays…

And now for the numbers:

– PS3: 151,783  150,743 (14,494.52%)
– DSi: 60,419  538 (0.90%)
– PSP: 22,184  3,897 (14.94%)
– Wii: 21,557  3,481 (13.90%)
– DS Lite: 8,309  1,005 (13.76%)
– Xbox 360: 6,827  427 (5.89%)
– PS2: 3,001  178 (5.60%)

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Yaris Gutierrez

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