Ohgon Musoukyoku: Golden Fantasia Bewitching the Japanese Xbox 360

Ohgon Musoukyoku: Golden Fantasia Bewitching the Japanese Xbox 360


Last year, Japanese indie fighting title Ohgon Musoukyoku hit the PC. I had the chance to play it a while back and I even praised it to my coworker, who now claims not to remember it (looks at Chad Awkerman). Anyway, the game is very unique. It features a two on two match layout with a tag team component not unlike the one featured in the popular Marvel vs. Capcom games.

It has a 2D visual style, with very sharp and beautiful sprites, a bit similar in sharpness to BlazBlue. Also similar to BB, the roster is very modest. I think there were about six or seven characters when I played it, but the final version ended up with ten. The coolest thing about the game, I thought, was it music and visual style. The old European style clothes the characters wear, in conjunction with the music and stages, gives the game a unique flair. Now Golden Fantasia is hitting the Xbox 360 in Japan, which speaks volumes about its success. It will be called Ohgon Musoukyoku X.

Now, this game doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance down under of coming to the United States, but it would be absurdly awesome if it did. Maybe it will get released as a download title and then we can just pretend to be Japanese (like I already do on a very regular basis) with a Japanese xbl account. This is all quite hypothetical though, since an American release hasn’t been de-confirmed. The game will release this summer.