Ohio State University Marching Band Geeks Out With Video Game Tribute

on October 8, 2012 2:26 PM

“It’s glorious.”

Those are the only words that came to mind when watching the OSU Marching Band perform a nine minute tribute to video games. This is absolutely impressive. The nine minute video features the band’s routine as they belt out renditions of Pokemon, Tetris, Mario, Halo, Pac-Man, and more. The pyrotechnics are a particularly nice touch at the end.

I’m sure there are marching band aficionados out there who are thinking “where the hell have you been?” Admittedly, I don’t watch marching bands or know enough about them to comment on how technically sound the routine was, but my wife mentioned something about their “perfect blocking”, which I can only assume is the term for the band’s marching patterns. So I guess the routine was technically sound as well as a geek’s dream, a double win for OSU.

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