Okamidem Demo Hits Japan’s Nintendo Channel

Okamidem Demo Hits Japan’s Nintendo Channel


Okamiden might seem like a familiar word. That’s because it contains Okami in there – a game that was adored by the PlayStation 2 community during its run. Now, we’re being introduced to Okamiden; a game that takes place nine months after the events of Okami, centering around the children of previous characters.

Capcom, the nice folks that they are, has decided to distribute a demo of the upcoming DS game via the Wii Nintendo Channel in Japan next month. The demo, which will be available from September 8 through October 5 on the Wii, will also be distributed via “DS Station” download kiosks throughout Japan from September 9 through October 6.  McDonald’s customers will be more than happy to hear that from September 10 through October 7, the game will be made available through Nintendo Zone connections. Now you can enjoy a greasy, cholesterol-infested Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese with a tub of soda and a side of yummy fries all while downloading and playing some Okamiden. You Japanese people are so spoiled.

No plans have been mentioned yet of the demo coming to North American before the game’s release. When we get word on this bewildering issue, we’ll make sure to let you guys know.