Okinawa Rush Parries Traditional Funding: Looking to Kick it up with Kickstarter

Okinawa Rush Parries Traditional Funding: Looking to Kick it up with Kickstarter

Indie studio Sokaikan is channeling some Shogun Assassin, Double Dragon, and Mortal Kombat with their parry-focused beat-em-up, Okinawa Rush.

Indie UK developer Sokaikan sent out a press release today to announce the Kickstater launch of Okinawa Rush. This 80s inspired, in both graphics and martial arts movies, beat-em-up is looking to raise £10,000 (approx $13,000 USD) by September 13th. The devs are planning for a PC release in December of this year and have already gone through a successful Steam Greenlight campaign.

The story of Okinawa Rush concerns Hiro Yashima, a legendary fighter who has become so prolific in combat that he has tapped into the power of the supernatural. The army of ninja known as the Black Mantis have come for Hiro’s sacred scrolls, and have left a path of destruction in Okinawa to find it. With his children kidnapped and his wife slain, it’s up to our hero to set things right in a righteous fury of blood.


Gameplay revolves around what Sokaikan describes as ‘fluid combat’ which has Hiro adeptly fighting off waves after waves of enemies. Central to the beat-em-up is the parry system found within which allows the player to literally dodge anything. From deadly traps to massive boss attacks, nothing is beyond avoiding, and this the key to success. With every successful time-sensitive parry, your rage bar increases: And when full Hiro is able to unleash an attack to clear the screen of all enemies.

Other features include:

– Fast, fluid combat with unique fighting engine.
– Intense boss battles!
– Parry anything system.
– Feng Shui item system.
– Co-op two player mode.
– Customizable training Dojo
– Train your hero for optimum power and speed.
– Online highscores and time-attack. Ingame “splits” for speed-runners!
– Local Co-op 2 player option just added!

Okinawa Rush looks really slick in action and it feels like the devs have a deep passion for the world they’re creating. With unique aspects such as the ability to decorate your training dojo (not just for aesthetic purposes as you can unlock ‘Feng Shui’ bonuses with the right set up) this is definitely a campaign to keep an eye on. The fact that there is a playable demo is a welcome surprise and I encourage anyone thinking of backing the game to try it out first.

You can check out the Kickstarter trailer below: