Old Republic Patch 1.7 Details Released

Old Republic Patch 1.7 Details Released

Denizens of the Galactic Republic, today details on the Galactic Reputation system have been released for  Star Wars: The Old Republic. Players reputations will have an impact on how they are viewed by the various organizations throughout the galaxy.

The Reputation track for each of these organizations feature six ranks that include Outsider, Newcomer, Friend, Hero, Champion, and Legend. All players being without a rank while earning Reputation Points to increase rank until points can no longer be earned for an organization. New rewards become available to players as greater ranks are earned.

Specific Reputation Ranks will earn players the reward of Legacy Title that is a title displayed beneath a character’s name. Reputation is bound by Legacy and not character, which means that a player’s Legacy is shared among all of their characters.

Since some organizations fall on separate lines of the war, players will need to take advantage of multiple characters on opposite sides of the conflict to increase their Reputations for various organizations.

To earn Reputation Points, player must consume the Reputation Trophy items that provide either a small, medium, or large amount of points. Each of the Reputation Trophies are bound to a specific organization and will increase the points for the Reputation track of that organization. There are also weekly caps that prevent players from maxing out a single organization in a week but that players will be able to earn more points for other organizations.

Subscribers to the game will earn a +50% bonus to the amount of points earner, which gives players more incentive to subscribe to the game.

Players looking to make their name known around the galaxy will want to look out for more organizations and locations to be announced for more opportunities to get their Reputation Points up and leave their own Legacy in the galaxy.