Old School RuneScape Comes to Steam on February 24

Old School RuneScape finally joins its modern brother on Steam. The classic game drops on February 24, more than 20 years after its debut.

Old School RuneScape and all of its polygonal glory is finally coming to Steam. Jagex already brought modern RuneScape to the platform back in October 2020, but this is the granddaddy. Much like World of Warcraft Classic, I don’t know how many people will actually hop in. However, it is pretty neat to see Jagex continue to support the game that ruled my middle school back in the early 2000s.

Above, I made the comparison to WoW Classic. That might not be entirely fair to Old School Runescape. After all, Jagex seems much more interested in working to fix and improve aspects of the old game much more than Activision-Blizzard. Just yesterday they announced upcoming changes for their Shades of Mort’ton rework and equipment rebalance. I won’t pretend to be fully invested in either community. However, as someone who spent thousands of hours in both as a youth, I’m much more convinced the OSRS team is committed to making this the best game possible.

Just look at how much power they’ve put in the players’ hands through in-game voting. If they want to add something and the community doesn’t agree, they won’t do it. They’re committed to keeping the game feeling like it felt back in the 2000s. It’s quite remarkable. And bringing that to Steam means they can get the product in front of even more players.

Personally, I’ll probably spend a few hours here or there mining. For whatever reason, I’ve always thought RuneScape had the best system for one of my guilty pleasures in MMOs. I just like to hit rocks, okay? I don’t think I’ll dive back in completely, but it is exciting to see this moving forward for the dedicated community still playing OSRS in 2021.

Old School RuneScape comes to Steam on February 24.

Ricky Frech

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