OldSchoolJunkie: First Round Featuring Dungeon Explorer

OldSchoolJunkie: First Round Featuring Dungeon Explorer


In this premier DualShockers.com and OldSchoolJunkie.com retro post I’ll be showcasing a classic from one of my all time favorite gaming consoles, the TurboGrafX-16 from NEC.

For those of you that don’t remember the TG-16, it was marketed as a 16-Bit console but actually had an 8-Bit cpu, with the support of a 16-Bit gpu. Basicly an 8-Bit console on steroids capable of some truly amazing visuals and sounds. With a lack of steller games, the TurboGrafX-16 was destinded to fail. That being said, it didn’t stop NEC along with only a handful of game companies from pumping out a few great gems.

A great example of one such gem is Dungeon Explorer. DE gave gamers a familiar game play mechanic that resembled the classic team based top down dungeon crawler Gauntlet. With multi-tap controller support you and four of your friends could join in on the adventure.


The added graphical touches, true stereo sound and an intro with multi-layered parallax scrolling, I knew Dungeon Explorer was a must have game for my Turbo collection.

Below is a First Round vidcast for your viewing pleasure. You can expect more retro videos to be up on Wednesday afternoons.

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