Olivia Munn Breaking Gamer Stereotypes

Olivia Munn Breaking Gamer Stereotypes

Recently Olivia Munn of Attack of the Show fame has been immortalized in the first ever 2 month July/August edition of the ever popular men’s magazine, Playboy. Off the bat everyone thought that Olivia would be showing her fun bags or perhaps even some south of the border action, but rest assured that this pictorial is non-nude. Olivia decided to keep everything covered up but still super sexy. Although the shoot was non-nude she was still given the cover of the issue.

Perhaps more important than seeing Olivia Munn in a skimpy bikini is that she is breaking the ugly stereotype that all gamers are grotesque slobs. If you ask any random person what their vision of a gamer is, the first thing that they will tell you is a tale of an introverted individual that is socially awkward. Take one look at Olivia and tell me that gamers can’t be sexy, I dare you? Video gamers have come a long way and things like this help propel us even further through society. Not only did Olivia prove that she could grab the cover while staying classy and not revealing everything, she also showed that gamers are infiltrating all kinds of mediums, even Playboy! This is not only a hot photo shoot but also a great step forward for the image of all gamers.

Truth be told I wouldn’t mind one bit if Olivia decided to show some more skin, but I do respect her as a businesswoman. If you are at the San Diego Comic Con you can bring your Playboy issue and she will sign it for you or you can even mail it to her.

Mail your Playboy to:

Olivia Munn c/o G4’s Attack of the Show

5850 West 3rd Street

Los Angeles, CA  90036

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