Olivia Munn Breaking Gamer Stereotypes

Olivia Munn Breaking Gamer Stereotypes

Recently Olivia Munn of Attack of the Show fame has been immortalized in the first ever 2 month July/August edition of the ever popular men’s magazine, Playboy. Off the bat everyone thought that Olivia would be showing her fun bags or perhaps even some south of the border action, but rest assured that this pictorial is non-nude. Olivia decided to keep everything covered up but still super sexy. Although the shoot was non-nude she was still given the cover of the issue.

Perhaps more important than seeing Olivia Munn in a skimpy bikini is that she is breaking the ugly stereotype that all gamers are grotesque slobs. If you ask any random person what their vision of a gamer is, the first thing that they will tell you is a tale of an introverted individual that is socially awkward. Take one look at Olivia and tell me that gamers can’t be sexy, I dare you? Video gamers have come a long way and things like this help propel us even further through society. Not only did Olivia prove that she could grab the cover while staying classy and not revealing everything, she also showed that gamers are infiltrating all kinds of mediums, even Playboy! This is not only a hot photo shoot but also a great step forward for the image of all gamers.

Truth be told I wouldn’t mind one bit if Olivia decided to show some more skin, but I do respect her as a businesswoman. If you are at the San Diego Comic Con you can bring your Playboy issue and she will sign it for you or you can even mail it to her.

Mail your Playboy to:

Olivia Munn c/o G4’s Attack of the Show

5850 West 3rd Street

Los Angeles, CA  90036

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24 responses to “Olivia Munn Breaking Gamer Stereotypes”

  1. brion says:

    personally i dont care about what people think about gamers. i want to see some nudie pics of olivia munn. shhhh dont tell my wife.

  2. Al Zamora says:

    @ brion – i have to agree with the nudie pics, but I do care about how gamers are viewed since we have moved away from being morlocs and into the mainstream

  3. Belmin says:

    Your link to her site doesn’t work when clicked.

    Personally, I don’t think she’s that hot but she’s a very cool TV personality. At first, I wasn’t fond of AToS but I’ve been drawn in.

  4. Al Zamora says:

    @ Belmin – thanks for the heads up, linked fixed.

    She is still signing copies if you guys want to send her one.

  5. Magik says:

    Implying that olivia munn plays game? all she ever does is deepthroat hotdogs on a tech show

  6. @ Magik

    So, what’s the bad part?

  7. something in the dark says:

    Olivia is as much a gamer as my mother.

  8. Pseudo says:

    @something in the dark

    Agreed. I guarantee Olivia Munn is not a true gamer. She’s just a face, a personality, and a hot body to get the nerds riled up. When almost the whole population of hardcore gamers are male, you need a hot woman to capitalize on a successful gamer show.

  9. grasshopper says:

    I miss good old techtv, where they actually talked about gaming and new technology. G4TV is about pointless garbage with some pretty faces as hosts.

  10. Maniac says:

    Tech TV died when G4 and them merged and it only got worse when they dumped shows like The Screensavers for Attack of the Show, the show about nothing and is filled with some of the most video game inept people. Tell me again when is the PC platform dying again Kevin Pereira?

    Its unfortunate that THESE people are the ones bringing gaming to the mainstream.

  11. Fan Of Nobody says:

    As if Ms Munn didn’t see a “niche” market for her to gain some exposure in. It’s been done to death, but good for her for exploiting horny, basement dwelling video game players.

  12. Leathersoup says:

    She’s not breaking any stereotypes, she’s enforcing them. Especially that of the sexually frustrated male gamer who writes creepy fan articles about female TV personalities on his blog….

  13. Se7enwolf says:

    You obviously dont know oliva munn that well. She rarely plays games. A very casual gamer, no different then the high school cheerleaders playing video games. She even admits that she mostly only into some racing games. Why do you think that when it comes to info about games or electronics, that it is handed over to Kevin. Its because she doesn’t know anything about that stuff. She only got the job because of her personality and looks, not knowledge of games and geek stuff. She gets paid to dress up and be hot for the geeks. Morgan Webb is a much bigger gaming geek then her.

    If you want to look at real hot gaming girls, check out some of the all girl pro gaming teams like the Frag Dolls or PMS clan.

  14. jay says:

    is she really a gamer? i know she hosts attack of the show but is she really a gamer or a host in a channel that gamers watch?

  15. Wrath says:

    a real gamer is Morgan Webb

  16. Orange Drink says:

    I’m pretty sure Olivia is not a gamer. Whenever she talks about games on the show its clear that she is just reading the script and knows nothing about the game in question. Now, if we are counting chicks that play the Wii as gamers than she is probobly one of them.

  17. Xbot says:

    Can’t wait to see her on playboy hehe, i know it’s only a matter of time she is only in it for the fame and no way in hell she is a gamer.

    females don’t play video games.

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  19. Kyle says:

    she doesnt seem like she’s that big of a gamer i mean it’s obvious she plays just maybe not a lot, but i dont care if shes a gamer or not because she’s great

  20. Kyle says:

    she does’nt seem like she’s that big of a gamer I mean it’s obvious she plays just maybe not a lot, but i dont care if she’s a gamer or not because she’s great

  21. Kyle says:

    sorry this thing glitched and double posted

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  23. Unknownsage says:

    Olivia isn’t a gamer. She even admitted that that’s her weakpoint but she covered it up by saying she knows alot about technology. But all she does on the show is dress-up and to quote someone “deepthroat hotdogs”. Why do you think she never covers anything at E3? They should fire her and bring back the last AOTS girl.

  24. Jennyfromtheblock says:

    this just shows that it takes a hot girl to bring video games to mainstream. yeah, she’s hot. i would even do her but whats the big deal. there are many hot girls who game but only a few that are true gamers. the sad thing is that there are too many horny male gamers out there. can you just let a girl game without degrading and disrespecting her. im glad she didnt take off her clothes to prove a point, but if she did, who cares? doesnt make her trashy or less classy. nudity can be seen as a form or art.