Omega Labyrinth Life Gets a Cheaper PS4 Version “To Play in Front of Your Parents”

Omega Labyrinth Life Gets a Cheaper PS4 Version “To Play in Front of Your Parents”

Along with its Switch release, Omega Labyrinth Life is now coming to PS4 with a self-censored version.

D3 Publisher revealed the PS4 and Switch simultaneous launch of Omega Labyrinth Life, the next entry in its series of roguelite mystery dungeon + sexual fanservice games. Both versions will be available on August 1 in Japan. Only the Switch version was announced until now.

The PS4 version, titled Labyrinth Life,  is also officially titled the “it’s fine to play in front of your parents” version. Meanwhile, the Switch version is officially titled the “Philosophical” version. The PS4 version is priced at 5800 Yen plus tax, with the Switch version at 7800 yen plus tax,

D3 Publisher went for an August 1 release because it’s known among some in Japan as “boobs day”, because of a pun on how it can be pronounced. There are billions of dedicated days based on puns like that, such as Hatsune Miku Day on March 9 or Goku Day on May 9.

Omega Labyrinth Life‘s official site was updated with a self-parodying list reflecting the differences between the PS4 and Switch versions. The list begins by listing obvious differences between any PS4 and Switch games, like the lack of trophies on Switch. Both versions’ technical specs are identical as well with both running at unstable 60 FPS. The Switch and PS4 version are both in 1080p, with the Switch handheld mode at 720p.

Midway through, the list starts explaining the PS4 difference in sexual fanservice with jokes and pun-based game system names I’m not paid enough to properly translate:

  • Basically, Omega Labyrinth Life has a touch and rub system. Earning more points makes the girls get naughtier,  start undressing, revealing their underwear, and making more explicit noises. You won’t see all that in the PS4 version and only get the normal version of the Touch Events illustrations.
  • The “Boobs Identification” system, which was in past Omega Labyrinth games, is only in the Switch version. This is the system where you need to identify items found in dungeons by rubbing them between the breasts of a character.
  • The “Boobs Rock Paper Scissors” system is only in the Switch version. Basically, in dungeons, you can find “janken tickets”. If your party gets defeated while holding a ticket, you get to play boobs rock paper scissors, and you’ll keep all your items if you win. Pressing breasts together is Rock, moving them up and down is Scissors, moving them apart is Leaf.
  • The hot springs’ events illustrations have less steam covering the characters in the Switch version, and you can only interact with the hot springs illustrations with the touch system on Switch.
  • The character Seika Flora, the small green flower spirit who helps the girls in Omega Labyrinth Life, can only be touched in the Switch version’s Touch Events.
  • The PTA System is only on the Switch version. This was in past Omega Labyrinth games too. It’s the system which lets players interact with the characters’ breasts during any dialogue or menu displaying their portraits.

The table ends with a few more details. The opening and ending animation sequences are slightly different on PS4 and Switch as they use in-game illustrations. Everything else from skills, the story, characters, monsters, and dungeon design are the same in both versions. Lastly, D3 Publisher stated that the breast expansion system, with the characters’ illustrations changing depending on breast sizes, is in both versions. That both small and big breasts can get bigger up to Z-Cup in both versions, and that all breasts are to be loved regardless of the version.

In short: the naughtiest illustrations are only on Switch. The touch system elements are also in the PS4 version, but heavily downplayed and can’t be used on one character.


Personally speaking, I think that this is simply a commercial stunt from D3 Publisher. It’s hard to say because Sony has an ax to grind with the Omega Labyrinth series specifically, but most of these elements could have gotten on PS4 despite Sony’s new regulations. You should remember that D3 Publisher always liked such jokes and fooling around. This whole announcement was preceded by a countdown parodying Gundam 0083’s Anavel Gato’s “SOLOMON, I HAVE RETURNED”, one of the most meme’ ed anime scenes ever.

With that said, as a small studio, D3 Publisher has always made budget games and the Omega Labyrinth series is no exception. Though they do spend more money on some aspects like the voice acting, and Omega Labyrinth Life has a character voiced by Yumi Hara. In any case, D3 Publisher simply couldn’t take the risk of having to change elements after development because of Sony’s censorship. So they decided to turn it into promotion through heavy self-censorship. As I often say, all games are far from being affected by Sony’s new regulations, and multiple Japanese games featuring heavy sexual fanservice are still releasing just fine on PS4.

I definitely think the PS4 version will sell despite all this, and D3 Publisher definitely knows it, else they wouldn’t make it. There are those who will appreciate this publicity stunt and buy both versions. I believe most Japanese gamers into console games with sexual fanservice, actually don’t buy these games if they uniquely rely on said sexual fanservice to sell. If you know what you’re coming for, and if you know how to have fun with D3 Publisher and their budget games, the Omega Labyrinth series can be pretty enjoyable regardless of one’s appreciation of its aesthetics. If not, the series wouldn’t be at its third entry with Omega Labyrinth Life.

Omega Labyrinth Life might also come west at some point. You can check out the game’s previous trailer and screenshots.