Omega Labyrinth Life Revealed, and it’s for Nintendo Switch

Omega Labyrinth Life Revealed, and it’s for Nintendo Switch

The new game teased by D3 Publisher is indeed a new Omega Labyrinth title, but Omega Labyrinth Life is for Nintendo Switch.

A few days ago, D3 Publisher started teasing a new game that definitely appeared like a new Omega Labyrinth.

My obvious guess was spot-on, as revealed today by Famitsu, the game is Omega Labyrinth Life. Yet, here’s an unexpected twist: it’s for Nintendo Switch, and it’ll be released in Japan in 2019.


Omega Labyrinth Life will feature a new cast, but it will bring back the familiar mechanics from the previous games. It’s a rogue-like JRPG in which you can grow the chest size of the girls by accumulating the mysterious Omega Power.

Below you can check out the stamp-sized preview of the Famitsu article which will release on Thursday. Keep in mind that the screenshot above is from Omega Labyrinth Z since we don’t have decent screenshots of Life just yet.

If you’re surprised by the move to the Switch, it’s quite possible that the cancellation of the western release of Omega Labyrinth Z due to Sony’s interference may have convinced D3 Publisher to try its luck with Nintendo. At the moment it’s hard to tell.