Nintendo Switch Exclusive Omega Labyrinth Life Gets First Trailer and Screenshots

Nintendo Switch Exclusive Omega Labyrinth Life Gets First Trailer and Screenshots

The next Omega Labyrinth game, titled Omega Labyrinth Life, is headed to the Nintendo Switch, but it isn't any less naughty than its predecessors.

Today D3 Publisher released the first gameplay of the recently-revealed rogue-like RPG Omega Labyrinth Life-

The trailer and the artwork below give a glimpse to the new cast of girls who will populate the game, including the usual students and fairies.

The mechanics will prove familiar to the fans of the series, with rogue-like mechanics that mean losing items and equipment if you die in the randomly-generated dungeons. Battles are turn-based.

To help you out during exploration you can bring along a partner character, and equip her like the main one. For the first time in the series, girls that aren’t chosen as a partner will also appear to help out.

You can drop panties and bras in the dungeons, and they are indispensable equipment that improves a girl’s stats. Different combinations can also trigger special effects.

As usual, the girls’ breasts can grow bigger thanks to the Omega power as they defeat enemies. This will also improve their abilities.

Another new element is the school. This time around gameplay isn’t restricted to the dungeons. You can explore the grounds, chat with other students, take care of the garden for items, and more.

Of course, the ability to identify items with a lady’s breasts and the delusion mechanic are still there. There is also a new minigame that is basically a collision of breasts akin to rock paper scissors.

This is a D3 Publisher game after all, what did you expect?

The game will be released in Japan in 2019 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.