PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Omega Labyrinth Z’s Day-One DLC Are as Naughty as the Game Itself

PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Omega Labyrinth Z’s Day-One DLC Are as Naughty as the Game Itself

Omega Labyrinth Z released today in Japan, alongside with some rather naughty day-one DLC.

Omega Labyrinth Z launched today in Japan, and D3Publisher also released a batch of day one DLC.

The tamest of the DLC is the Song of Memories set, including five different songs for five characters. It costs 600 yen (or 150 per song when purchased separately).

The Z Blade and Z Shield set, that transform the Z Hyper ω attack when the girls reach Z Cup into the High ω Cannon. A boobcannon, to be precise.  It costs 150 yen.

Moving into the naughtier, we get two “appraisal items,” an electric toothbrush and a rocket. Basically, they change the look of items while they’re being identified. If you think this isn’t naughty, you don’t know how things are identified in the game. Just look at the gallery for a hint. Each costs 150 yen.

The home screen customization DLC puts bikinis on all the girls in the home menu, appropriate for the summer. It’s “recommended for discerning gentlemen who knows the importance of the transition between seasons.” Yeah. I’m not making any of this up. The whole set of eight bikinis costs 900 yen, or you can get each for 150 yen.

On top of this, pre-orders are open for the Omega Labyrinth Z Official Fan Book, which is an art book that you probably shouldn’t read at work (unless your boss is very laid back), and the inevitable oppai mouse pad, which probably you shouldn’t use at work. Or at least, don’t blame us if you do and get fired.

If you want to see more, you can enjoy the latest traileranother trailer (actually in English, despite the lack of a localization announcement for the moment), and one pretty much as unsafe for work as the first. The opening song is also available for your perusal.

The game will release in Japan on July 6th, 2017, for PS4 and PS Vita.