Omega Labyrinth Z PC Release on Steam “Not Out of the Question” After PS4 and PS Vita Cancellation

Omega Labyrinth Z PC Release on Steam “Not Out of the Question” After PS4 and PS Vita Cancellation

While Omega Labyrinth Z won't come to PS4 and PS Vita in the west, PQube isn't ruling out the possibility of releasing the game on Steam.

Earlier today, British publisher PQube announced the cancellation of the western release for PS4 and PS Vita of D3 Publisher’s Omega Labyrinth Z. While the original statement mentioned that there would be no further comment on the issue, the publisher is actually providing plenty on Twitter, shedding further light on the issue.

First of all, we get the confirmation that the issue is from the platform holder (IE: Sony Interactive Entertainment). Both the ESRB and PEGI did rate the game, respectively with an M for Mature and a 18+. While Sony did allow the publishing of the game in Japan, PQube explained that Sony Japan, America, and Europe are separate entities. The wait for an official statement was due to the fact that the publisher was waiting for a statement approved by Sony itself.

That being said, there is hope for western fans to enjoy the game still. PQube mentioned that while a port would be expensive (“about 100k on its own”), and this isn’t a light decision to take, a release on Steam is “not out of the question.” That being said “it’s not in the pipes right now.”

The whole situation is certainly unpleasant, especially considering that PQube already spent resources on the localization, and it isn’t exactly a large publisher with infinite budgets.

Luckily, the publisher isn’t giving up on this kind of games, and Punch Line by 5pb is still coming west with no issues.

Hopefully, PQube will be able to launch the game on Steam, and at least recoup the costs incurred for the localization so far. Following the Japanese-style visual novel debacle and following outrage from fans, Valve’s platforms announced that it would stop policing the content of the games sold on its storefront, unless “illegal or straight up trolling.” Neither of those definitions applies to Omega Labyrinth Z.