Omegathon Games Announced

Omegathon Games Announced


At the heart of all the events during PAX and PAX East, one ceremony sits like a jewel in the crown that is Penny Arcade Expo, the Omegathon.

Twenty pre-registered PAX attendees are randomly selected to participate in a tournament of five games that spans the entire show. Each game is a time honored competitive tradition in gaming history with such past games as Tetris, Quake and an enormous claw machine.

Mike Krahulik, AKA Gabe, has announced this year’s round selections via a post on the Penny Arcade site.

Round 1: Katamari, Friday, 12:30 PM – Merman Theatre (052)
Round 2: Bananagrams Saturday, 11:30 AM – Merman Theatre (052)
Round 3: Jenga Saturday, 8:30 PM – Main Theatre (Floor 3)
Round 4: Operation Sunday, 10:30 AM – Merman Theatre (052)
Round 5: It is a secret! Sunday, 5:30 PM – Main Theatre (Floor 3)
Time to start limbering up, gamers.