Omen of Sorrow Adds Adam & Imhotep to its Roster

Omen of Sorrow Adds Adam & Imhotep to its Roster

A trailer reveals that Adam, Frankenstein's Creation, and the mummified Imhotep will join the twelve character roster of Omen of Sorrow.

AOne Games and Soedesco have revealed two more fighters for Omen of Sorrow. The upcoming horror fighting game got a trailer revealing the mummified man known as Imhotep as well as Victor Frankenstein’s Creation named Adam and some of the different skills that they will bring to the table.

The mummified Imhotep, who claims that he was once a god, can sever his body parts and magically let them attack separately from each other and also possesses the power to summon a fiery ball of light and a horde of mummies to the battlefield. In Omen of Sorrows, he was betrayed and dismembered, and his limbs were spread across the world causing him to spend millennia trying to put his body back together.

In contrast is Adam, who has brutal muscle strength, but he can also use lightning powers to knock out his enemies. I’m assuming his name is a reference to the original novel by Mary Shelley when Frankenstein’s Creation refers to himself as his Creator’s “Adam”. However, in the game, the unholy union between science and magic that gave Adam life came at the cost of Frankenstein’s life, so Adam wanders Europe in search of someone who can bring him back.

The final roster of Omen of Sorrow will contain twelve iconic characters, with others previously being revealed like Quasimodo.

You can check out the reveal trailer featuring Adam and Imhotep below as well as some screenshots. Omen of Sorrow is currently slated to be released on PS4 sometime in late 2018, and it can be pre-ordered on Amazon. 

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