Omen of Sorrow Reveals the Bloody Countess Erzsébet as the First Free DLC Character

Omen of Sorrow Reveals the Bloody Countess Erzsébet as the First Free DLC Character

Omen of Sorrow introduces Erzsébet, a countess who possesses a blood dragon and is the first character part of their free season of DLC fighters

Omen of Sorrow has been out for a little over a month now and it looks like AOne Games is ready to show off some new characters. As part of their free season of DLC characters, we are starting off with the saucy Erzsébet as the first newcomer.

From the accompanying trailer, Erzsébet is called the bloody countess who has a blood dragon to aid her in battle. It seems most of her moves revolve around using the dragon for setups and combos, similar to how Menat from Street Fighter V uses an orb. It’s hard to know if Erzsébet will be a zoning character or not until the game comes out and people start to figure her out.

Erzsébet also has a killer super attack that has her spring from her bloody dragon and lets out a terrifying shriek over her opponent. What’s even cooler to see is that this all is part of a free DLC pass, expanding the roster. As an added bonus, the soundtrack is being remastered with more heavy rock sounding music to bring the action up a bit. Talk about some holiday cheer!

DualShockers reviewed Omen of Sorrow, and I can confidently say these are some positive changes for the indie fighting game. With some great controls and an improving cast, AOne is definitely looking to give players more of a reason to keep playing their horror brawler.

Omen of Sorrow is exclusively available on PlayStation 4; anyone looking to pick up the game can grab it on Amazon now. Meanwhile, check out the reveal trailer below:

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