Omen of Sorrow Playable at EVO 2017; Gets New Gameplay Videos

Omen of Sorrow Playable at EVO 2017; Gets New Gameplay Videos

AOne Games confirmed that Omen of Sorrow will be playable at EVO 2017, and released new gameplay videos that showcase a new character: Zafkiel.

AOne Games announced today that its supernatural fighting game Omen of Sorrow will be playable at EVO 2017 at booth 110. This demo will show off four of the game’s characters: Caleb, Gabriel, Zafkiel, Vladislav.

Zafkiel is an entirely new character, while Vladislav has been revamped and plays differently than before. For those who don’t know, Omen of Sorrow is a 2D fighting game powered by Unreal Engine 4 that pits fighters based off of characters from classical horror, fantasy, and mythology against each other. AOne Games is building the game’s fighting system to rely more on player skill than chance, and is trying to make Omen of Sorrow accessible to both casual and fighting game players.

Those who play the game at EVO 2017 will be experiencing the latest build of the game, which has been updated from the one present at PSX.  Felipe Muñoz, Combat Designer of Omen of Sorrow, commented on how the developers are trying to make sure that the game has extremely well refined gameplay and mechanics in order to please fighting game players:

“A fighting game engine has very specific and strict needs, that need to be solved in order to deliver a top quality experience the community has come to expect. To have a constant 60fps framerate, deterministic physics and consistent collisions has allowed us to develop a precise and fast paced gameplay we strived for.”

Meanwhile, Felipe Budinich, Marketing Director of AOne Games had the following to say about Omen of Sorrow being playable at EVO 2017 and what the developers will be working on next:

“We’ve got the certainty that players will enjoy what we’ll show at EVO, our next challenge is to finalize our custom matchmaking server to avoid the problems other fighting game titles have suffered. Fortunately Microsoft Azure has placed their trust upon us, so we’ll be able to use their global infrastructure to provide a superior quality experience.”

The developers also released two new gameplay videos for Omen of Sorrow. One shows a match between Zafkiel and Gabriel, while the other displays the Super Moves of Caleb, Gabriel, and Zafkiel. You can check out both gameplay videos alongside some screenshots below.

EVO 2017 will be running from July 14 until July 16 in Las Vegas. Omen of Sorrow does not yet have a release date, but is confirmed to be coming out on PS4.