Horror Fighting Game Omen of Sorrow Adds Quasimodo to its Roster

Horror Fighting Game Omen of Sorrow Adds Quasimodo to its Roster

AOne Games and Soedesco have revealed that Quasimodo is a playable character in their upcoming PS4 horror fighting game Omen of Sorrow.

Today, AOne Games and Soedesco unveiled the next fighter for their upcoming horror fighting game Omen of Sorrow. It’s Quasimodo, based on the character from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Quasimodo is poised to be a very strong character in Omen of Sorrow, as he is able to hold opponents back with his hook and stage-changing abilities. He is also able to wall jump, which should help Quasimodo players get out of some tricky situations.


When it comes to the story of Omen of Sorrow, Quasimodo is tasked with guarding the Book of Tears, an ancient artifacts that the eleven other fighters are trying to get a hold of. The only person who ever loved him is the one that asked him to guard that book, so Quasimodo protects it with his life, whether someone good or bad is trying to get it.

As I mentioned before, Omen of Sorrow’s final roster will consist of twelve characters, and around half of them have been revealed so far. AOne Games and Soedesco are promising to reveal more of the game’s playable characters and give the game a firm release date sometime this Summer.

Check out Quasimodo’s reveal trailer alongside the first screenshots featuring him below. Omen of Sorrow is currently poised to release on PS4 sometime in late 2018, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. 

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