Horror Fighting Game Omen of Sorrow Shows Gameplay from Everyone’s Favorite Prince of Darkness, Vlad

Horror Fighting Game Omen of Sorrow Shows Gameplay from Everyone’s Favorite Prince of Darkness, Vlad

AOne Games took to EVO Championship Series to show off new gameplay of the teleport-happy vampire, Vlad, from their horror themed fighter, Omen of Sorrow.

About a week back, we reported that the PS4 exclusive Omen of Sorrow would be playable at this year’s EVO Championship. Now that the huge fighting competition is gone and done, AOne Games showed off some the footage captured from the event with the aptly named. Vladislav III. Good old Vlad is an obvious stand in for one of the most famous vampires in the world; heck, even the press release starts with ‘Dracula is Vlad!’.

This latest reveal puts the Omen roster at 6 of the expected 12 horror themed fighters. And while the team knows there’s still a long road to travel until release, they’re confident about the experience they’ll bring to the genre. The PR even states how they’ve moved into GGPO networking technology to deliver seamless online play. They’re trying to take people’s responses to heart as well, saying, ‘[players are] entrusting us… [with] helpful feedback that we’ll definitely use to guide development for the next couple of months.

With Vlad, AOne was looking for a character who ’emphasize[s] mobility’ and with his vampiric looking dashes and teleports, it shows. Even the bloodsucker’s dark bolt projectile will effect movement as it can cause him to shift around the arena if they connect with it. Vlad is quite versatile, going from a zoner to a close combat fighter that can confuse opponent’s with some tricky mix ups.

Unfortunately we don’t even have a release window for Omen of Blood but with netcode tinkering and half of the roster already playable, it seems like AOne is well on their way. You can watch the EVO footage below where the angelic Zakfiel tries to deal with Vlad’s teleportation with her own acrobatics. Needless to say that a fighting game with horror and mythological themed monsters is definitely up my alley and I can’t wait to see who makes the cut next. Come on Lovercraftian horror!