Omerta- City of Gangsters Lets Players Build a Legend in 1920s Atlantic City

By Emily Putscher

March 6, 2012

Are you obsessed with The Godfather? Did you cry when The Sopranos ended? Even if you didn’t and just really, really like gangsters, it appears Kalypso Media shares you feelings. Together with Haemimont Games, they just announced Omerta- City of Gangsters, a game that lets you take build an empire from the ground up.

Omerta, named after the code of silence used in many criminal organizations, starts the player off in control of a newbie gangster as he lands in 1920’s Atlantic City, ready to make his own fortune in any way he can. What better setting for illegal activities than the prohibition era, I ask you? Alright, don’t answer that one. Regardless, Omerta, which combines strategic elements with tactical combat looks to be an interesting game to keep an eye out for. Current information has it launching for the PC sometime Q4 of 2012. My interest has now been peaked, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated when more news rolls in.

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