OMG: Dreamcast Portable-ish

OMG: Dreamcast Portable-ish

The Sega Dreamcast, to some, will forever be remembered as one of the greatest systems to hit the console market for its sheer innovative 56Kbps online functionality (Phantasy Star Online anyone?), its unique library of games which composes more than a fond set of memories, and, lastly, its brief run against both the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 2.

Nevertheless, there is one European man, who goes by the name Bacteria for whatever reason, that has devoted four months of his life to revive the reminiscent moments of the Sega Dreamcast in a… portable way. Some of us laughed at the thought of such an idea when speaking amongst our fellow gamers, but one man has managed to take the quondam console and resurrect it in the form of a handheld.

Complete with a built-in VMU (Visual Memory Unit – which served as the Dreamcast’s memory card), the IntoDream – the name of the unit – is put together from a couple of components from the console itself, along with some parts derived from other consoles such as the 5″ LCD for the PSone, and, ironically, the joystick from the Nintendo 64 (since he was having problems with the Dreamcast’s joystick response times).

Although the thing looks bulkier than a stack of bricks, I must say that I am more than impressed with the end result – especially since Bacteria used actual parts from three consoles to create the final product. It definitely isn’t as portable as today’s current handheld systems only because it would be impossible to try to put that thing in a purse, let alone someone’s pockets. However, get yourself a strong wristband, or a book bag, and you should be all set to go.

For those of you wondering if the thing will ever go on sale, you’re pretty much assed out unless you’re willing to cough up  £5000 in cash, and fly over to pick it up in person. You can’t put a price on a person’s hard work, I say.

Below, we have posted two videos borrowed from YouTube which depicts both the work log (process of compilation) and the finished product with Bacteria getting his ass handed to him in Quake, and showing off the fart sounds of Q-bert.

[Thanks to Felix Morales]