OMGVDIA: PS3 Version of Portal 2 to Feature Cross-Platform Multiplayer, Plus MORE

By Allen Park

January 18, 2011

That acronym stands for “OMG Valve Does It Again”, a statement that PC gamers have been extolling for years now, and now PS3 owners will learn to appreciate as well. Valve announced last night that the PS3 version of Portal 2 will not only feature SteamPlay functionality as previously reported, but it’ll take that one step further and offer cross-platform multiplayer with PC and Mac players.

Additionally, in a move that downright embarrasses Sony for their continued lack of cross-game chat, Valve will also enable cross-platform in-game voice chat, all for free. And, if that wasn’t all, everyone who purchases the PS3 version of Portal 2 will also receive digital copies of the game for the PC or Mac.

It’s funny, I remember hearing speculation about Valve going this route, followed by incredulous responses and many a person being unconvinced they’d be this ambitious (myself included), but man, props to Gabe Newell and Valve for actually going full speed ahead with this PS3 Steam support. Sure, there’s a good chance cross-platform multiplayer might be nigh-unplayable due to latency issues and whatnot, but this is Valve we’re talking about, and they’ve always managed to provide a highly polished gaming experience.

All I know is for the first time in my life as a PC gamer, I’ll be buying a Valve game on a console over the PC. Unthinkable.

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