One Night in Karazhan Revealed as Hearthstone’s Next Adventure

on July 30, 2016 12:58 PM

It’s been a while since Hearthstone‘s last adventure mode, The League of Explorers being released November 12. Through a post on, Blizzard have revealed their newest adventure as One Night in Karazhan.

This marks the game’s fourth adventure with a similar progression format, adding a total of thirteen bosses across four wings and a free prologue mission that will apparently “put you in the mood to groove.” This, as well as another run through the painfully difficult heroic mode and an extra nine class challenges. You will also have access to 45 cards new cards for playing through the campaign and completing extra challenges.

The expansion will guarantee you access to two cards, Enchanted Raven and Firelands Portal, just for checking out the free prologue mission, as well as a Karazhan-themed game board that you can check out below.

One Night in Karazhan will be available for purchase on August 12 for PC, iOS and Android. All four wings will be £13.99/€17.99, or each individual wing will cost you £4.99/€5.99.