One Piece Anime will Reportedly put Wano Arc on Hiatus in July

It won't be on hiatus for long.

May 23, 2022

One Piece anime fans are getting back-to-back spectacular episodes ever since the series came back from its long hiatus. Episode 1015 kickstarted the Roof Piece, and Toei delivered a movie-level animation in recent episodes. However, it seems like the anime will soon take a short break from the ongoing Wano Arc.

It’s an exhilarating time for One Piece fans because of the ongoing fight between Kaido and Luffy in the manga. After a very long time, we’ve seen a new transformation of Luffy, which makes him strong enough to defeat the Emperor of the Seas. The anime series is also doing justice to the incredible Wano arc by giving us an A-tier animation in each episode. But there’s something more that makes 2022 a remarkable year for the fans, which is the upcoming One Piece Red movie.


Toei Animation announced the One Piece Red movie last year with a teaser. Unlike the anime series, the film will focus on Shanks and his daughter, Uta. The official trailer for the film gave us a good idea of the characters who’ll be a crucial part of the movie. However, it seems like Toei Animation wants to set up the story for the Red film through the One Piece anime series.

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One Piece Anime Might Start a Filler-Arc Based on the Red Film

Recently, a rumor surfaced on the internet stating that One Piece anime will stop the Wano Arc for a while in July. That’s because the creators want to start a mini-arc as an introduction to the Red film.

As of now, Toei didn’t officially confirm the news, but fans are pretty confident that the rumor is true. That’s because One Piece is well known for introducing mini or filler arcs relating to a movie before its official release. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the creators want to do the same to create hype among the community for the One Piece Red film.

Honestly, it makes sense to hype up the One Piece Red film by dedicating a couple of episodes to the storyline in the anime. Fans who are obsessed with the manga continuity aren’t usually excited for the standalone or filler arcs. However, the community might get more excited about the film after getting an introduction to it in the anime. Also, it’s safe to assume that the min-arc won’t take more than 3-4 episodes, so the Wano Arc won’t be on hiatus for too long.

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