One Piece Chapter 1024 Spoilers Show a Glimpse of Yamato's Childhood

The fight between Yamato and Kaido continues.

By Shivam Gulati

September 1, 2021

One Piece fans are eagerly waiting to read the next manga chapter. Well, the official release of Chapter 1024 is still a few days away, but the spoilers of the chapter have already surfaced online.

In the previous One Piece chapter, As Alike Two Peas in a Pod,’ we saw the Queen challenging Sanji’s humanity. The Queen says that Sanji is a cyborg and his fire legs are in reality machines. Also, the chapter featured Momonosuke transforming into a human.

Now, fans want to see how things will move forward in the next episode. Fortunately, we already have a glimpse of the events that’ll occur in Chapter 1024.

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Official Manga Trailer | One Piece: Ace’s Story | VIZ

Official Manga Trailer | One Piece: Ace’s Story | VIZ

One Piece Chapter 1024 Spoilers Revealed

According to the leaks on Reddit, the upcoming One Piece chapter is titled “A Certain Someone.”

Apparently, the first few pages of Chapter 1024 will explore the situations in different parts of Onigashima. Yamato and Kaido’s fight would continue, and suddenly, a flashback will show us an event from Yamato’s childhood when she was eight years old. In the flashback, we’ll see kid Yamato stuck in a cave with three Samurai, including Shimotsuki Ushimaru.

The spoilers show that Yamato went on a rampage in Onigashima, the reason why she was imprisoned. In the cave, the three Samurai read Oden’s journal to Yamato, and finally, the Samurai gets out of the cave to fight Kaido.

After that, we’ll get back to the present times. Shockingly, Yamato and Kaidou will simultaneously use “Raimei Hakke,” canceling each other’s attack and getting tied.

Of course, these spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1024 may not be completely accurate, so it’s best to read them with a pinch of salt. Hopefully, we’ll get detailed spoilers in a couple of days, so we’ll update this post accordingly. Meanwhile, you can go back and read some previous chapters on Viz.

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