One Piece Chapter 1033 Spoilers Tease Zoro Using Conqueror's Haki

This is want every Zoro fan wants to see.

November 23, 2021

One Piece fans are looking forward to the release of Chapter 1033, which is scheduled to release this weekend. However, some spoilers for the upcoming chapter are already out to give us a taste of the forthcoming events.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for One Piece manga.

Recently, several exciting events have been happening in the One Piece manga series. The battle between Sanji and Queen is still underway, and the CP0 is still trying to capture Robin. However, the previous chapter of One Piece manga focused on the fight between Zoro and King.

The Straw Hat pirate finds it hard to figure out a way to defeat King, who reveals his new transformation. Of course, fans are eager to see the conclusion of Zoro’s battle with King; well, according to the recent leaks, the next chapter will also keep its focus on the fan-favorite Pirate Hunter.

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One Piece: Episode 1000 | Official Teaser Trailer

One Piece: Episode 1000 | Official Teaser Trailer

One Piece Chapter 1033 Spoilers

According to some spoilers, Chapter 1033 of One Piece is titled “Shimotsuki Kozaburo.” So, fans can expect to learn more about Kuina and Enma’s sword in the next chapter.

The chapter kicks off with Queen talking to Sanji about a survivor of the “Lunarian Race.” She says that people of this race were called “Gods” in ancient times as they could withstand any environment. After that, we get back to Zoro and King’s fight, and the chapter shows Zoro surviving an explosion by using Color of Arms Haki. Obviously, Zoro still finds it challenging to overpower King; even his Shi Shishi Sonson wasn’t enough to defeat his opponent.

Zoro starts thinking about a past event during the fight when his swords start falling from the island. He remembers that Shimotsuki Kozaburo created Kuina and Enma’s swords, and each blade has its own personality. However, not everyone is strong enough to possess these swords, and weak swordsmen are, in fact, afraid of them. Interestingly, Zoro also discovers that Kozaburo was Kuina’s grandfather.

Zoro wonders why he can’t handle this power perfectly and how Oden could use Zenma’s sword. As some Beast Pirates run towards Zoro, he decides not to hold back his Haki and give the sword what it wants. Instantly, the Beast Pirates near Zoro falls unconscious, and King asks Zoro if he really wants to become “King.” Finally, the chapter ends with Zoro acknowledging his promise to his Captain and his “best friend.”

Of course, the above spoilers tease Zoro using his Conqueror’s Haki, which every Zoro fan desires to see. But of course, these spoilers are not always completely accurate. So, make sure to read the official chapter arriving this weekend on Viz.

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