One Piece Chapter 1038 Spoilers Teases Kid and Law Against Big Mom

Th fight continues with the same energy in chapter 1038

January 25, 2022

Chapter 1038 of One Piece was put on hold for some time and fans can’t wait to read the new chapter after so long. So before its official release, we have some interesting spoilers for you.

A total of 101 volumes of the famous Japanese manga, One Piece have been released since 1997. And till now, the interest of the fans has only increased. The anime adaptation of One Piece was also a huge hit just like its manga, and it’s still running internationally.

In the recent chapter 1037 of One Piece, Luffy and Kaidou are sitting on the rooftop drinking. Kaidou is blind drunk, to which he goes through emotional swings. The Five Elders receive information from the government that Zunesha has arrived. Later, the Five Elder starts a discussion about the Fruit Devil that has not awakened from centuries. Meanwhile, the fight between Zoro and King has ended and Sanji has defeated the Queen.

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One Piece Chapter 1038 Spoilers

The new chapter 1038 of One Piece is titled “Kid And Law vs Big Mom” Both Yonji and Niji are trapped in the Mont d’Or creature book by Charlotte Linlin, better known as Big Mom. Pudding is worried about the situation and she is continuously looking at the book.

The Onigashima castle is on fire. Both Raizou and Fukurokujo are getting burned but neither of them takes back their Ninjutsu. Fukurokuju realizes that if they don’t do anything about the situation, they both will die. So he asks Raizou to release his Jutsu but Raizou doesn’t listen.

Samurai are stuck on the second floor of the castle and are about to get crushed by the rooftop. But Jinbe appears and saves their life. Chopper realizes the strange behavior of his body and he turns to his normal form soon.

On the other side, Zoro is under the effect of Mink’s medicine and Chopper is worried about him due to the harmful effects of the medicine. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a terrifying skeleton holding a scythe appears before Zoro.

Franky is looking for Zoro and at the same time defeating his enemies. Franky wonders where did the King’s attack sent Zoro. Izou has defeated all the Kaidou’s commanders but he too is badly injured and his abdomen is bleeding. But then Cipher Pol appears and Izou points his gun at him.

Despite facing a hard time fighting Big Mom, Kid and Law attack her again when she goes towards Kaidoe. Kid and Law Say “Listen, old lady, Even if we die, we won’t let you go to the roof.”

These are all the spoilers we can provide for you right now but to confirm these spoilers, you have to read the new chapter when it officially releases on Sunday, January 30th, 2022.

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