One Piece Chapter 1047 Spoilers Teases Luffy Creating a Fist Bigger Than Onigashima

The chapter is coming out this weekend.

April 20, 2022

Eiichiro Oda is coming back this week to give us a new chapter of One Piece. Well, some spoilers for Chapter 1047 have already surfaced online, and here’s what you can expect from the upcoming manga chapter.

One Piece fans who are obsessed over Luffy are having a great time right now. The Straw Hat Pirate captain has surprised everyone with his new transformation. Honestly, we still don’t know to what extent Luffy’s abilities can go in his “Gear 5” form. We’ve seen Luffy becoming a giant, and he was big enough to grab Kaido in his dragon form. Apart from that, Luffy is now capable of catching lighting to use it as an attack.


That said, the fight between Luffy and Kaido is still underway, so we might get to see some other jaw-dropping power of our beloved character.

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One Piece Chapter 1047 Spoilers

According to some early spoilers, Chapter 1047 of One Piece is titled “The Sky of the Capital.” The leaks confirm that the cover page of the new issue features the Straw Hat Gang going on a beach with Momo in his dragon form.

The chapter will show a flashback of Momonosuke traveling to the future in Oden’s burning castle. Meanwhile, Luffy uses the “Gomu Gomu no Thunder” attack, possibly using the lightning he’s holding in his hand. During the battle, Kaido says that Roger was not an Akuma no Mi user and that “Skills” are not always used to conquer the world.

Also, you would be surprised to know that Orochi is still alive. Apparently, the chapter will show Orochi getting rid of Kairouseki’s needles, so he’s not that easy to kill. Finally, the chapter gives us another extraordinary moment, and we see Luffy creating a giant fist. The size of Luffy’s fist is bigger than the entire Onigashima Island, so you could say that the people of the island are in for a surprise. His fist is so massive that it can destroy the island in seconds, and it would be interesting to see how Kaido deals with Luffy’s new attack.


These are all the early spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1047, and it’s safe to say that Eiichiro Oda is coming with another masterful chapter. So, make sure to read the official chapter when it arrives this weekend on Viz and Manga Plus.

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