One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers - Luffy Senses Shanks' Haki In Wano

Luffy, Kid, and Momonosuke will sense Shanks' "Conqueror's Haki" in Chapter 1055 of One Piece.

July 26, 2022

One Piece returned last week after a month-long hiatus and kickstarted the manga’s Final Saga. After Luffy and Kaido’s intense battle, Shanks arrived on the shores of the Wano Country with the rest of his crew. The Red Hair Pirates’ captain refuses to reunite with Luffy and moves ahead to find the “One Piece” treasure. Interestingly, some early spoilers for Chapter 1055 confirm that Luffy will sense Shanks’ presence in Wano, and now, every fan wonders what would be the Straw Hat Captain’s action plan.


In the previous chapter, Ryokugyu also arrived in the Wano Country and attacked the people of Onigashima. The Greenbull wants the island’s people to submit to the World government; however, Yamato takes offense at that and attacks Ryokugyu. Momonosuke, however, interrupts the fight and faces Ryokugyu in his dragon form. Momo says that as Wano’s new Shogun, it’s his responsibility to fight for the island’s people.

In the upcoming chapter, Momo will finally learn how to use the Bolo Breath, and he injures Ryokugyu with this powerful attack. However, before Momo could take another step, he senses Shanks’ “Conqueror’s Haki” near the island. Realizing that the Red Hair Pirates could be near, he stops fighting.

Meanwhile, Sukiyaki takes Robin and Law to the hidden Road Poneglyph in the Old Wano Country. Sukiyaki tells the duo that Wano used to be massive, but the rising sea level affected the country’s size. Sukiyaki sheds light on the Wano Country’s history, but we’ll have to wait for the chapter’s official release to learn more about it.

The Straw Hats Pirates are still busy celebrating the feast and fireworks. However, things take an unexpected turn when Luffy and Kid sense Shanks’ Haki throughout the Wano. It’s clear that Shanks is still near the island, and some early leaks suggest that the Red-Haired pirate will appear in the next chapter.

One Piece will get the much-awaited Chapter 1055 on July 31st, so we are still a few days away from the official release. But fortunately, these early spoilers gave us a good idea of what to expect from this week’s chapter.

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