One Piece Movie Project Mixing Anime and Live-Action - What you Need to Know, Predictions

One Piece is about to reach volume 100, and a new project was announced for the occasion

By Iyane Agossah

July 19, 2021

One Piece has a pretty original project in store for its fans worldwide: a new movie project, mixing live-action and anime together. This is one of the parts of the “We Are One” project: plans announced to commemorate the volume 100 release of One Piece in Japan. The Shonen Jump manga by Eiichiro Oda will reach the symbolic milestone on September 3, 2021.

Official Manga Trailer | Chainsaw Man, Vol. 1 | VIZ

Official Manga Trailer | Chainsaw Man, Vol. 1 | VIZ

One Piece short movie project – Japanese press release translated

As revealed by Japanese outlets, One Piece will soon receive an original short movie project. The movie will mix live-action scenes, as in with real life actresses and actors, together with anime scenes.

The Japanese press release states that a “famous” movie director is working on the live-action scenes. Meanwhile, five anime directors will work on the anime scenes. The fact that it’s officially described as a “short movie” highly hints towards a release directly on social media or YouTube, rather than getting aired on TV or in theaters. In other words, fans outside Japan should be able to watch the short movie as soon as it’s out.

No release date for the project was shared yet but we should definitely hear more before September 3. The directors will be named at a later date as well. However, we can make several predictions.

This week’s Shonen Jump cover also features the We Are One project:

One Piece Live-Action + anime short movie predictions

One Piece and Shueisha can definitely afford to bring in some big names for a milestone project like this. For the anime part, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw huge directors such as Studio Trigger’s Hiroyuki Imaishi, mecha specialist Masami Obari (for a cool Franky scene), or even Makoto Shinkai to take a few popular examples.

As for who the film director is, with how the Japanese press release is worded, it could be either a popular Japanese film director or a popular director worldwide. Even someone like Evangelion‘s Hideaki Anno could fit as he’s been working on live-action more than ever this past decade.

Personally speaking, while I stopped watching the One Piece anime more than 12 years ago, I’m definitely looking forward to original projects like these. What do you think of the We Are One project? Are you still following the Wano arc every week? You can always hit me up on Twitter @A_iyane07 to share all your opinions.

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