One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 Comes to TGS With a Carrot-filled Trailer

One Piece: Pirate Warrior 4 takes to the TGS 2019 stage to show off a brand new trailer featuring Carrot as the latest playable character.

September 11, 2019

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 was announced by Bandai Namco back in July. Like its predecessors, Pirate
Warriors 4 will cover storylines from the source material, with the Whole Cake Island Arc being a focal point. Though there will also be some original stories told throughout the game. Bandai Namco brought a new trailer to the Tokyo Game Show to give fans a first look at the new playable character Carrot. Give it a watch below.

The trailer gives us a nice look at Carrot and other characters in action. The battles look action-packed and visually impressive. I’m personally not a huge One Piece fan, but at one point there’s a fighting Tyrannosaurus rex and I’m sold immediately. We also see Roronoa Zoro fighting with a sword in his mouth, and apparently I have some anime to watch. Seriously, as someone who’s watched maybe a season of One Piece, this trailer does a great job on selling me on both the game and the anime.


While Pirate Warriors 4 mostly builds on previous Pirate Warrior entries, the team is adding something called “Titan mode”. This is a more strategic version of the main game and will feature bits of an original story. I’ll be interested to see how this plays given how over-the-top the fighting looks in this trailer.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2020. Bandai Namco will take to the TGS stage later this week, meaning a full release date could be revealed very soon.


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