Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos’ Japanese Box Art Revealed

Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos’ Japanese Box Art Revealed

Recently reported, D3 Publisher announced pre-order bonuses for Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos which will be exclusive to specific retailers. Today, they have revealed the a two-sided reversible cover art for the game as well as a new batch of screenshots showing off the the pink Earth Defense Force pre-order costume and the first-print costume bonus.

The front side of the cover features Kagura (left) and Aya (right).


The other side of the cover features Saaya (left) and Saki (right).


Saaya is Kagura’s younger sister, and Saki is Aya’s younger sister, which means the Older sisters are on the front side, and the younger sisters are on the other side.

The game is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 in Japan on October 30.

Check out the new batch of screenshots below: