Oninaki Latest Trailer Reveals New Characters

Oninaki Latest Trailer Reveals New Characters

Oninaki introduces the mysterious Linne, the father figure Kushi, the childhood friend Mayura and the Night Devil.

Square Enix introduced new characters appearing in Oninaki with a new trailer. Our protagonist Kagachi will encounter friends and foes in his journey as a Watcher, those tasked with protecting the law of reincarnation and sending Lost Souls to the next world. Portraits for each character were revealed as well as new screenshots. I’d recommend checking our previous article on Oninaki for a refresh on the JRPG’s lore.

First off we have our protagonist Kagachi, voiced by Tomohisa Hashizume. As we already explained, he’s a Watcher who strongly believes in the laws of reincarnation and as such do not hesitate to take away lives for the sake of his mission. His fate will change after meeting Linne.

Linne is voiced by Shiori Mikami. Linne is the typical mysterious JRPG girl. Kagachi first met her many years ago before becoming a Watcher. Now, they meet again, but strangely she didn’t age at all. Linne isn’t her real name, as she also suffers from amnesia, and it’s what Kagachi decided to call her.

Next up we’ve got Kushi, voiced by Tsuyoshi Koyama. Kushi is an experienced Watcher and the father figure of Kagachi. Kushi rarely speaks about himself and his past, so no one knows his true nature. The only thing certain is that he cherishes his sole daughter, Mayura.

Mayura is voiced by Lynn. She’s a Watcher, just like her father, and Kagachi’s childhood friend. Mayura has a kind heart and values bonds, in life and in death. Because of that, she struggles to keep up with her duties as a Watcher, which requires to sever the bond of people and sent them to the next world. She harbors doubts about the laws of reincarnation.

Lastly, we have the Night Devil, a swordsman and a “ghost from the past” who hunts Linne. His voice actor wasn’t disclosed, meaning there will definitely be some kind of plot twist regarding his identity.

You can find the screenshots and the trailer below.

Oninaki was announced last February and is the newest JRPG by Tokyo RPG Factory. Oninaki launches in Summer 2019 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam.