Online and Hardware Functionality Outlined for the Nintendo Switch – Will Not Be Region Locked

Online and Hardware Functionality Outlined for the Nintendo Switch – Will Not Be Region Locked

Nintendo reveals quite a lot of new information about its Switch console, focused on online features, controllers and more.

Live from the Nintendo Switch event tonight, the first details about the online features and hardware information for the new system were revealed. This console is slated to be much more online-friendly then its predecessors and the entire thing will will not be region locked!

Here are the highlights for the online stats:

  • The Switch will have online functionality
  • You can create so called ‘online appointments
  • You can access these features from a ‘smart device’
  • Online functions will be free for a trial period
  • The paid period will start in fall 2017
  • The system has wireless capabilities
  • Local wireless will support up to 6 systems

With the actual hardware features, the following was announced:

  • The battery life will last 2.5 to 6 hours depending on the individual game
  • The portable screen is a capacitive touch screen
  • The portable system is battery powered and is charged through a USB type C cable
  • You can capture screenshots/videos and share them via social media through the Switch

There will be three different ways to play the Switch:

  • TV mode – play it in your living room
  • Tabletop mode – detach the screen and hoist it up with the stand on any flat surface
  • Handheld mode – play the Switch on the go

The Joycon controller has the following features:

  • When you detach the Joycon sections they become their own individual controllers
  • There are straps for both Joycons and they contain L and R bumpers for specific games
  • Both straps and the Joycon controllers will have different colors available to purchase
  • The controllers are confirmed to be available in neon blue and red
  • The Joycon is equipped with motion IR camera – it can sense the distance from objects in front of it and can tell the difference between the rock, paper, scissor hand motions
  • The controllers also have what’s known as HD rumble – which is sensitive enough to distinguish different ‘weights’ and ‘movements’ for the controller

We’ll have more specs and details for the system as it’s announced. Below you can find a couple of videos showcasing some of these features, courtesy of YouTube users MKIceAndFire and YongYea.