Online Gaming Faceoff: Xbox LIVE vs PlayStation Network

on March 8, 2010 10:00 AM

Online Gaming Faceoff: Xbox LIVE vs PlayStation Network

Each week, conducts polls for it’s Web Faceoff. Past competitions have faced off the likes of Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome, Pandora vs, and Twitter vs Facebook. This week the competition hits close to home for gamers, Xbox Live vs PlayStation Network. Voters had 3 choices to choose from: Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and a Tie if you couldn’t make up your mind. Here are the results of the voting:

Who would win in a fight: Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network?
Xbox LIVE 57% (19858 votes)
PlayStation Network 41% (14258 votes)
Tie: It’s just too close to call. 3% (939 votes)
Total Votes: 35055

What does this prove? Probably not a whole lot. The debate will go on forever and nothing either side says will mean much to the other. It is interesting to note that this poll had more votes than any of the others. Says one thing about gamers, they may not agree on which system is the best, but when it comes time to represent they always step up.

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