OnLive Reaches Goal, Arkham Asylum On Sale For $1. Donating to Child’s Play

on September 3, 2011 8:00 AM

OnLive has already reached the goal they set out last night to reach 45,000 “likes” on Facebook before midnight on Monday, and to that end Arkham Asylum is on sale for just $1! This is DEFINITELY not to be missed out, and if you happened to pick up one of the free consoles at PAX like I did this is a great time to grab a game for it so you can properly check it out! However, the deal was until Monday, so they’ve set up a new promise.

For each additional “Like” they receive by Monday at midnight, they’ll donate $1 to Child’s Play. Look, I don’t care if you actually like Onlive or not. Go “like” their Facebook page right now, and tell all of your friends to do this. While you’re waiting, go redeem your special sale on Arkham Asylum!

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