OnLive Rolls Out Wi-Fi Support

The OnLive Wi-Fi Beta has begun to roll out to all members. Originally, OnLive had said that they would only support wired internet connections, but have Wi-Fi an available option. It seems that the best experiences will come from people that can sustain at least 3Mbps, although I’m sure people with connections a little slower will be fine. To get started using your Wi-Fi connection, just start up OnLive and a message will burst onto your screen letting you know you’re using Wi-Fi, just select “Wi-Fi Beta” and you’re good to go.

Another quick note, for anyone using an unofficial Wi-Fi connection, according to OnLive, you’ll have to turn off the bridge to use the new feature. Hit up after the break for OnLive’s official statement about the additional support for their digital video game streaming service.

From OnLive;

OnLive Wi-Fi Hits the Airwaves

We’re excited to announce that OnLive Wi-Fi Beta, mentioned in my recent post, is now available for all members. Using the new Wi-Fi Beta feature is easy. Start the OnLive Game Service as you normally do. A message will pop up letting you know you are using Wi-Fi. Just select “Wi-Fi Beta” and that’s it.

OnLive’s Wi-Fi technology handles many real-world Wi-Fi scenarios including management of interference, congestion and drop-outs if you get out of range. In fact, you can lose your Internet connection completely for up to five minutes and resume your game where you left off upon re-establishing the connection.

We’ve found that Wi-Fi Beta works well over most wireless networks that can sustain at least 3 Mbps, but if you are having problems, consult our OnLive Wi-Fi FAQ page for tips on how to get the best results with Wi-Fi.

[For those of you who have been “unofficially” using Wi-Fi by using a bridge, you’ll need to turn off the bridge to get the benefits of OnLive’s new Wi-Fi technology.]

As this feature is still in Beta, we’ll constantly be making tweaks and improvements to it. Any feedback you send to [email protected] would be appreciated.

Also, if you have been waiting for Wi-Fi to try the OnLive Game Service again, you might notice more has changed than just the availability of Wi-Fi. We’ve been steadily improving the video quality, connection reliability and response time. One of the things I love about OnLive is we get to make improvements without users needing new hardware or big installs. OnLive just keeps getting better.

So, give the Wi-Fi Beta feature a try and let us know what you think!

—Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder & CEO

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