OnLive's Easter Sales Have Craaaaaazy Deals

By Justin Hutchison

April 23, 2011

If only the Crazy Eddie videos on the internet were at a decent enough quality for a shoop, but unfortunately, they’re not.

The OnLive Easter sales so far have been fairly comparable to Crazy Eddie’s crazy deals, that’s for sure. Just last night they put up a promo code for 75% off any game in their catalogue, and they were selling Mafia II for $5. They promise to have even more insane deals the rest of Easter weekend, so follow them on Twitter @OnLive for more deals as they go up.

Really seems like they want to get as many people onto their service as possible. Even though I doubt their service has done all that well, they really want the few users they currently have to stick with them. Why else would they put up such craaaazy deals that so few people would actually be able to use?

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Justin Hutchison

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