Ono Confirms that Gems are a “Very Big” Part of Street Fighter X Tekken

on January 31, 2012 8:00 PM

Reactions to the innovative gem system that will appear in Street Fighter X Tekken have been mixed. Some feel that they are too gimmicky and will have a negative impact on the game’s competitive scene. Others feel that the gems will bring innovation to the genre and make Street Fighter X Tekken an instant classic. Regardless of the differing and uncertain opinions of fans, Capcom believes that the best way to experience the game will be with the gems turned on, despite the fact that they will include the option of turning gems off.

Producer Yoshinori Ono has expressed in a recent interview that the gems will be a huge part of the game and admits that it is the “most ambitious” mechanic they have ever introduced in a fighting game. This is why there will not be an option to filter online players on whether or not they have gems turned on. This feels like the developers are effectively shoving the gems mechanic down players throats, while simply entertaining the idea of turning the gems off.  Apparently, gems are part of the complete, initial vision of the title and are therefore an essential and major part of the title.

I happen to be excited about the prospect of gems and wonder what sorts of new strategies the mechanic will enable. If the idea scares you that badly, then just play one of the older games you are more familiar with than this cool new title. Street Fighter X Tekken will be available on HD consoles and the PS Vita on March 6th.


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