Ooblets Dances Its Way to Early Access on July 15

Get ready to hop into the wacky world of the Ooblets later this month.

Ooblets developer Glumberland announced back at the PC Gaming Show that their charming farming game would come to early access “before the end of the summer.” Well, it appears that time is finally here. Today, the team announced that the game hits early access in just two weeks. Players can grab the early access version on the Epic Game Store and Xbox Preview Program on July 15. Check out the announcement teaser below.


Ooblets looks like a mixture of a farming sim, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing. You’ll grow various crops, build up a team of dancing Ooblets, and meet the wonderful folk who make up your town. Ooblets features daily quests, an expandable farm, and must-see dance-offs. And it’s all wrapped together by beautiful artwork. Truly, there’s something in the game for everyone.

Of course, this being an early access release, players should expect bugs and the like. The game is still in active development after all. You should also keep in mind that things often change during early access. Features and content can and probably will change, so know that going in.

That said, Ooblets has always looked like a good time. The wacky tones let you know the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. Expect to have quite a bit of fun exploring the world if you decide to hop in early.

Ooblets launches into early access on July 15 for PC and Xbox. You won’t have to wait much longer before your helping the Mayor “unlock the secrets of Oob.”

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