Open Beta for Heavy Metal Machines Gets a Significant Update

Open Beta for Heavy Metal Machines Gets a Significant Update

New character, servers, and storefront arrive to Heavy Metal Machines in a new update.

Developer Hoplon recently released a new update to the open beta of their free-to-play multiplayer game Heavy Metal Machines, an action racer that sees its players racing one another while also trying to blow each other up with a variety of weapons.

The biggest addition to the update sees the introduction of the character Killer J, a psychotic clown in the Interceptor class of vehicles. This character comes with a variety of weapons such as Friendly Rockets and Round-a-blast while also bringing more devastating attacks like The Compliment, which reflects 50% of damage back to the attacker, and the area of effect move The Big Joke.

Other features of the new update include a new store which Killer J, booster packs, and other DLC can be purchased from. Characters can be purchased from this store before they go into free rotation while other boosters for fame and experience points will remain available. Also included are three variations of the Founder’s Packs (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) which will include more characters and skins. The update also marks an increase in servers for the game to increase player experiences.

Heavy Metal Machines is currently available on Steam and is free to play.